Taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time.
– Haruki Murakami

Magical Ibiza 6 till 12th of October 2019

6-12th of October 2019  arrival Sunday and departure on Saturday

Magical Ibiza, is an experience, a taste of freedom, enjoying the beauty of the island and also the beauty within, you will definitely shine and radiate when you go back home! Filled with love and joy!

Yoga and Breathing sessions and massages and private coaching sessions!

Are you longing for some quality time for yourself?
Are you longing for a week full of loving yoga, breathwork and other soul nourishing treats?
a week to treat or better to nourish you…

Than this week is for you!
In a superb villa on a magnificent location.
every morning wake up with the sunrise and have a super sweet morning yoga session
delicious and healthy breakfast.

Our cook Erika Tangeri is a magician, she cooks organic and vegan and you can feel that it is nourishing every cell in your body.

Tamara Groen, next to her loving presence she wil treat us with her passion which is the breath, we will go on journeys by using your breath as a tool. Amazing what can happen in a breathing session. For example ‘letting go of old pains’ but most of all it is about embracing life, every breath is a call to live life fully!

The amazing Lex Empress and Gillian will come to share their gifts also. Lex has a beautiful voice and she has the gift to sing what is happening on a soul level, yes thats sounds very magic and yes it is magic! So we will be bathing too in her love.

And we have great massage therapists oooh looking already forward to lay there on the table and totally relax.

Price shared room euro 1250
very early bird price euro 1150 till January 1st 2019

Your schedule:

  • Yoga with Afke (Yin, Vinyasa Yoga)
  • Breathing workshops with Tamara
  • Delicious healthy vega food by Rianne and guestcooks from Ibiza
  • Watching the sunrise in the morning
  • Massages by the best bodyworkers of Ibiza
  • 6 nights accommodation in Lotusvilla with a wonderful garden that features a Yoga Shala, Swimming-pool, and the sunsetview in the ocean!
  • Loads of opportunities to enjoy Ibiza on your own; take a bike, a swim, or a hike in the lush nature.


Ga naar de website voor meer details.


Ga naar de website voor meer details.

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