Be the change you wish to see.
– Gandhi


Aankomende retreats & dagworkshops

Bewust verbonden ademwerk training
Module 1: 25 – 27 september & Module 2: 2 – 4 oktober

Breath and Voice weekend intensive
Najaar 2020 – info volgt binnenkort – Nederland

Transformational Breathing | Ibiza

Ademworkshop Online | Worldwide
verschillende data | zie agenda

Magical Ibiza:
17- 24 oktober 2020

Practical information Online Breath Workshops

During this online workshop you will get several techniques to work with and we will practice for a longer time.
This evening will be guided by Tamara Groen:
Tamara is a life coach, trainer, organizes workshops and retreats for a more conscious life. Touched by conscious breathwork – which brought her back to herself – Tamara chose to follow several training courses as a breath coach and trainer, including Bassam Younes, Wilna Eenkhoorn and Wim Hof. This made her one of the first breathwork coaches in the Netherlands.
Apply on
If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to
Wherever you want!
The workshop is hosted via Zoom, make sure you have downloaded this platform before we start, you will receive a Zoom link in your email when you register.
Make the room where you are cozy, make sure you have something to lie on, which can be a mat, sheepskin, a sofa or a bed. You also get a music list from me that you can play during the session. Maybe you like to burn Incense, it is nice to have a glass of water and possibly some nuts or a piece of fruit for when you get hungry. A blanket is also recommended.
This workshop is on DONATION BASIS. Guideline 15 – 45 Euro to your Capacity 🙂

Reserveren voor Workshops en Retreats

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  • augustus23zondag
    Breath Workshop Online | Worldwide
    19:00 21:00
  • september20zondag
    Breath Workshop Online | Worldwide
    19:00 21:00
  • september30woensdag
    Ademworkshop Amsterdam
    19:00 21:00
  • oktober17zaterdag
    Magical Ibiza Retreat - 7 days of yoga and breathing